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In the latest FrenAk concept, the creators take some steps back in the biological hierarchical ranks to gain inspiration from the remarkable world of spiders. This carnivorous animal species - predestined to survive and reproduce – devours its own kind and weaves its web from its own body; however, it is capable of being a mirror and a sharp contrast of the man of modern civilization. How can the balance that is deeply rooted in the nature of these more primitive life forms get lost?  How is it possible that an arthropod animal, even though limited in its abilities, is still more complete than any human beings?

The piece reveals how humanity – just like how a spider weaves its web – creates and sustains an invisible and virtual global structure, which dominates us to such an extent that it is impossible to escape from it – even if people would want to do so. The creation rules over the creator.

The scenography designed specifically for the National Dance Theatre’s Main Auditorium is simple but grandiose, and it provides a chance to interpret the existing space in many new ways. The moves and expressions are originating from the creators’ reality and experience, and the set, which links the spectators and the performers, is a significant part of the content. No one can be exempt from the global rules of the world – the audience and the dancer, the observer and the performer both become part of the same system that, in the end, will devour them all.

Spid_er is the consequent next step toward a new, designed structure where young, emerging performers – dancers and acrobats as well – can create - based on FrenAk's concept - their own short fragment-like choreographies, which will come together and form an organic new piece.


Frenak’s dancers, whether they are spiders or humans, are looking for something to hold on to, opportunities to express themselves in this extremely difficult situation that they were forced into, by dancing solos, duos, or in a group. They are fighting - mostly with themselves - and sometimes become entangled in the spider-web while seeking a way out.



Zoe Lenzi, Léna Árvay-Vass, Eoin Mac Donncha, David Leonidas Thiel, Gergely Cserháti, Viktor Banka, Vivian Ferencz


Musical Editor and Composer

Máté Hunyadi, Levente Bencsik


Dr. Nóra Horváth

Production design, costumes

Victoria Frenák

Animation, video editor

András Fehér


József Pető



Mátyás Fekete





This performance of the Bartók Spring is presented by Müpa Budapest as a joint event with the Company FrenÁk and National Dance Theatre.

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