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LUTTE - our complex international project has just been launched!

With the support of EEA Grants, Compagnie Pal Frenak has launched its complex educational and art project, entitled LUTTE that consists of 4 modules - research, education/pedagogy, creation, management - which reflects on each other, focus on the same topic and provide a innovative and new approach on the responsibility of contemporary dance regarding social issues, tolerance and long-term sustainability in the art field. The 4-modul-structured project includes a research period, with workshop-series for international young and experienced artists, includes a creation process in international coproduction, also contains an 3-level education program with preparation workshops and follow-up talks for high school students, youngsters with difficult-challenged family background and university students a well, while the final, 4th module is a residency program that focuses on the sustainability and invention of new management and communication tools in the field of art.

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Important reviews about the latest creation, LUTTE!

"The new choreography entitled Lutte is one of the most prominent creations of Frenak’s oeuvre. Although, as a source of inspiration, Scandinavian mythology and the world Icelandic sagas is re-conceptualized here, more generally, the piece itself is a complete private mythology, which gives primordial honest answers to the basic questions of human existence. It is a story of creation, whose characters combine both motifs from ancient times and contemporary reflections to those. While the world is constantly changing, the timeliness of certain themes will always be eternal, the battles raging in the outside world and in ourselves - which is also reflected in the title of the piece, as the word “lutte” means both a form of wrestling and a general sense of struggle - resonates inside our human existence all the time. Our whole life is a reflection of how we become gods of the outside world or even gods of ourselves, just to fall into animalistic existence in the most unexpected moments, wavering in the continuous change of our different roles. We fight, we win and lose, we are victims and tyrants, we fall in the dust and wake again, and rise to the sky. Frenak’s piece provides razor-sharp images of the multitude of these moments...” (Fidelio)

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