National Dance Theatre – Budapest
National Dance Theatre – Budapest


„The systems of tortures offered in the works of Frenák are majestically uplifiting, they hurt in a lofty manner, and their passionately suffering erotomaniac universe purifies the spectator. Frenák’s company provides a beautiful representation of an ugly world. It presents savage inexorability in a refined way, and life-and-death struggle with dainty elegance.”

Molnár Gál Péter, Népszabadság

The award-winning choreographer-dancer Pál Frenák founded his French company in 1989 in Paris and established his Hungarian ensemble in 1999, based in Budapest and Paris at the same time. Comprising a variety of classical and modern techniques the company’s profile stands for a unique style and dance language. One of its most important characteristics is the use of mimics, sign language and body movements that reflect on various genres of contemporary circus, fashion, theatre and music. The company always combines the powerful choreographical structure with a pure but special, and extraordinary scenery and set design – inspired by contemporary architecture and design – which has a strong influence on the movement material.

Beside the creative work, the company members regularly teach professional workshops, the company organizes audience development projects and performances to initiate the younger generation into the world of dance, and participates in post-show discussions, always placing great emphasis on the dialogue with other art forms and a continuous and satisfying cooperation with the public.

"Pál Frenák always enthralls his audience, who are transported into a special, fascinating environment, richly saturated with feelings, surrounded by dancers who are wonderful in every sense of the word.” (Le Figaro)


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