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This production of the FrenÁk Company features a dynamic team, the members of a new generation. The young, creative dancers draw on the energies of their colourful cultural and linguistic differences as they bring a new creative approach to FrenÁk’s concept. It is a fusion of the arts, a multimedia work with two contrasting yet complementary parts that reflect on the contradictions of our times.
The short CrAzy_RunnErs is a madcap parade, a distorting mirror held up to a superficial world dominated by speed. Identities and partners are changed at a pace that is impossible to follow as one futuristic prop is swapped for the next. How far can the madness escalate?
Referring to the archaic roots of the human condition, Parad_Is_E balances on the line between reality and illusion, the past and the future, and flashes up the ever-changing but never-vanishing bubbles of ignorance, isolation and exclusion.

The performance is not recommended for audiences under the age of 18.



Zoe Lenzi, Léna Árvay-Vass, Eoin Mac Donncha, David Leonidas Thiel, Gergely Cserháti, Viktor Banka, Vivian Ferencz


Musical Editor and Composer

Máté Hunyadi, Levente Bencsik


Dr. Nóra Horváth

Production design, costumes

Victoria Frenák

Animation, video editor

András Fehér


József Pető



Mátyás Fekete





This performance of the Bartók Spring is presented by Müpa Budapest as a joint event with the Company FrenÁk and National Dance Theatre.

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