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p. 7 Foreword by Márta Péter

p. 9 No more. Then by Mátyás Varga

p.11 In the Middle of Nowhere - Interview with Pal Frenak

p. 49 Terre

p. 53 Les Palets

p. 61 Sainte Rita

p. 73 Out of the Cage

p. 77 Tricks & Tracks

p. 93 MenNonNo, Ito & Szajuri

p. 99 MilAN

p. 109 Tra-ce

p. 119 Festen/Lakoma

p. 129 KáOsz

p. 139 Blue Spring

p. 147 Csajok, Fiúk/The Hidden Men

p. 163 Frisson

p. 171 Instinct

p. 187 InTimE

p. 199 Timeline, works, dancers, collaborators






Sponsored by the Hungarian National Cultural Fund

FRENAK - The book

  • Frenák (written by Márta Péter) is dedicated to introduce the first period - between 1991-2009 - of
    dancer-choreographer, Pál Frenák’s oeuvre with the help of an exclusive interview and photos that
    the audience have never seen before. The book, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the company’s
    foundation, gives the readers a chance to get more information about the pieces created during this
    The book is bilingual, besides the original Hungarian, it also contains English translation.
    „Márta Péter’s remarkable book will help greatly Pál Frenák’s audience to see the choreographer
    and his pieces on a deeper level and without any stereotypes, so they will be able to understand
    more what they see, not just watch it and enjoy it.”
    Zsolt Legáth: The One who Arrived (Ellenfény)
    Length: 207 pages

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