'Each animal has its own universe. This is so interesting and bizarre, because so many humans do not have their own universes and they live a life just like anybody else. Not the animals. They have their own, authentic universes!'

(Gilles Deleuze, French philosopher)

How can someone have a world, a universe? How does our life become really authentic, our own? According to Deleuze, the key is heightened sensitivity and immediate action. The piece UN, with its two solo characters, refers to Debussy's and Nijinsky's emblematic Faun, the hybrid creature between animal and human, and even more so to Deleuze's concept of universe, as well as to un, the French word for one, which emphasizes that the variations of a single character is the focus of the choreography. Through abstract movements in a suspended net, with powerful contemporary electronic music and monochrome colors, the choreography, performed by Milán Maurer, an amazing, young talent at his early twenties, and the 60-year-old choreographer himself, Pál Frenák, speaks of a new balance achieved over time, and creates a special, ageless fusion – referring to the title: unity – of masculine and feminine, old and young, animal and human.


No doubts: Pál Frenák keeps being an outstanding reference point in the Hungarian and international performing art scene. Un refers to one in French and Frenák is standing for this kind of "one" - unity of two human beings, unity of then and now, unity of cultural backgrounds and regions, fusion of different forms of art - in an abstract way. The core of his complex, always recognizable theatrical language is the crystalized structure of his outstanding movement material that requires the highest technical standards from his dancers. Pál Frenák trusts dance and trusts the power of movements.

Csaba Kutszegi




Pal Frenak, Milan Maurer


Abris Gryllus, Miklos Farkas


Alpine technique, scenery

Gyorgy Zoltai


Attila Hajas



Janos Marton

​Choreography and concept

Pal Frenak


Cover photo © Tamas Boczko