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Instinct is the joint creation of choreographer Pál Frenák and German composer Helmut Oehring. It rehabilitates the primitive, sensual and spiritual meaning of instinct. For choreographer Pál Frenák, instinct is a very important and strong bond. It is a deep, positive and inexplicable voice that we hear from inside us, a balance, a frame that enables us to stay within the boundaries. The dancers physically encounter extreme situations, so they feel as if they were sitting – more precisely dancing - on an emotional roller-coaster. This permanent swing is the most characteristic element of the world fuelled by passion and aggressiveness presented in Instinct.

Man is instinctively curious; but civilization restricts the satisfaction of this curiosity by trying to keep man under control with rules. These restrictions however do not always work well, or indeed they do work too well, and as a result repression suddenly turns into dependence. This time the stage is fashioned like a ramp used by skateboarders. This ramp is the symbol of biological life cycles, the process of life and the uterus at the same time.

Premier: 07.08.2007.


“In the opening scene, three men are descending upside-down the ramp, only a hook holding them, as if they were connected to a state of original unity by an umbilical cord. The duality of vulnerability and safety vibrates throughout the show, just like the covering and stripping down of the human body, or the conscious discipline and relaxation of it.”

Ágnes Veronika Tóth 

Nyitótánc (Opening Dance)


“The key character in Instinct is the Woman, the mother of all, Eve… A female toy, bazaar doll, who – herself from a wider dimension – is but a tool in the global flood, the monotonous rhythm of multiplication. “

Márta Péter




Balázs Baranyai, Zoltán Grecsó, Viktória Kolozsi, Lisa Kostur, Nelson Reguera



Helmuth Oehring, Attila Gergely


Pál Frenák


Christoph Brecht​

Choreography and concept

Pal Frenak

Bipolar német-magyar kulturális együttműködés, Compagnie Pal Frenak and Trafo House of Contemporary Arts

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