The tense theatrical pulsation of male and female roles, loneliness and togetherness, suffering and happiness, egoism and objectiveness call us to realize ourselves. InTimE does not need to offer solutions: representing the complexity of these human relationships is enough, it is so honest that the spectator cannot escape being touched by the performance.

There are six dancers on the stage. They sometimes motionlessly observe the other’s fight with a distance from the outside, while in other situations they take part in these battles. How can – if ever – one person become real to the other? Can the desire for each other remain unfulfilled forever?

Frenák’s haunting  question is how much our life is entangled in the opportunism towards others and ourselves; how much lying and insincerity impact our relationship to our body. The emblematic red sofa is a choreographical boundary  and the  platform  of fights, struggles and desires, and the place where we can face the unique loneliness of human beings.

„…and sometimes it is an island, a shelter to hide away to find some intimacy, to find a safe place to arrive and stay calm and relaxed. Yes, InTimE is physical, intense, pulsative and sometime seems to be provocative, but for me it talks about the fusion of people without limits, showing the human body and  soul in its pure perfection is just a tool to create a deeper layer of meanings." (Pál Frenák's reflections on the creation InTimE for Auditorium Magazine)

InTimE surprises us. Has an effect on us. It’s performed with elegance and gracefulness, with the harmony of proportion, which creates the impression of perfection. Eroticism is shamelessly wild, rough, classically noble and aristocratic on the stage of Pal Frenák. The audience is just amazed by the beauty of the human body transformed into a stunning piece of art.

Molnár Gál Péter





Attila Gergely



János Marton



Attila Hajas


Scenery and make-up

Gyula Majoros



Gergely Szabó



Péter Molnár, György Zoltai


Pál Frenák

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