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Fight, hierarchy, power, revolution.

Struggle with each other. Struggle with ourselves. Conquest and defeat.

The white carpet in the performance is a minimalist battlefield: symbol of confrontation, and more specifically the scene of struggles – and the combatants simultaneously collide with each other and themselves. Sometimes they fight their own fragility, and their own limits, while other times their own animal instincts, or the endless aggression of the world outside.

Lutte is an intense, physical, but also poetic dance piece about our human struggles, our symbolic and practical fights, about our social and emotional hierarchies. How can we overcome ourselves or the others? How can we defeat our ego? How can we handle our everyday fights? Lutte combines the elements of martial arts and contemporary dance, sign language and design, and also motifs of the Scandinavian mythology.

Mature content, recommended for ages 18+


A study of struggle: a physical, psychological, philosophical, mythological, aesthetic and metaphysical approach to fight. And of course, pure and brutal dance in the form of a dance-theatre performance. LUTTE is perhaps the most important piece of the past ten years in Frenak’s work.


It is a brutally honest mirror though which – if we do not shut our eyes – we see our own fights develop, while we face the universal question of human existence. And if we are too scared to ask these questions? Frenák’s choreography asks them instead of us, only asking one thing in return from its audience: be true to yourself!

Peter Kovacs


Frenák actually shows the irresistible process in which men become monad, a picturesque being among pictures, an individual without a window. A total but still looted, degenerated machine (of desires), in a body where the power of horror and wonder, kitsch and art, vulgar and sublime meet. Frenák commits a political act in this sense, because he formulates desensitisation both in its moral and practical term, which increasingly overwhelms everyday life and forms our thoughts.

Zsuzsanna Komjathy


Beautifully crafted bodies, energetic- acrobatic movements, performers’ virtuosity, a stage spectacle enchanting us with powerful effects elements, wildly pulsating music supporting movements and directing in all aspects - the taming of all kinds of brutality into beauty.

Lívia Fuchs

Elet es Irodalom



Fanni Esterhazy, Eoin Mac Donncha, Patrik Keresztes, Milan Maurer, Kristof Varnagy, Erika Vasas



Abris Gryllus



Janos Marton



Attila Hajas


Alpine technique, stage

Gyorgy Zoltai


Richard Marton

Cultural history consultant

 Matyas Dunajcsik

Concept & Choreography

Pal Frenak


Cover photo © Tamas Boczko

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