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Fight, hierarchy, power, revolution.
Struggle with each other. Struggle with ourselves. Conquest and defeat.

The white carpet in the new performance of Compagnie Pal Frenak is a minimalist battlefield: symbol of confrontation, and more specifically the scene of struggles –  where the combatants simultaneously collide with each other and with themselves. Sometimes they fight their own fragility, and their own limits, while other times their own animal instincts, or the endless aggression of the world outside... LUTTE, deeply inspired by the characters and narratives of Norse mythology, the motifs of Icelandic sagas and the brutal force and the form of expression of martial arts (judo, boxing and the traditional Icelandic wrestling, glima), is an important piece in the company’s life, because this time a new dance generation appears on stage, featuring several talents who have recently joined the company.

A study of struggle: a physical, psychological, philosophical, mythological, aesthetic and metaphysical approach to fight. And of course, pure and brutal dance in the form of a dance-theatre performance. LUTTE is perhaps the most important piece of the past ten years in Frenak’s work.



Ábris Gryllus



János Marton



Attila Hajas


Alpine technique, stage

György Zoltai


Richárd Márton

Cultural history consultant

 Mátyás Dunajcsik

Concept & Choreography

Pal Frenak

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