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Birdie - the best performance of FIAT Festival

photo: FIAT - Festival Internacionalnog Alternativnog Teatra

The Company closed a successful tour of Birdie on 16th September. We started our season on 1st September in Rovereto with the performance Birdie as a guest performer of Oriente Occidente Festival. The audience of Budapest met us on 11th September at Müpa - Palace of Arts, showing the legendary choreography after two and a half years for the first time again. In two days, the wonderful team of Birdie was already on its way to Podgorica, Montenegro to be part of the amazing FIAT Festival, where the Award of The best performance went to Birdie!

"The fascination of the human body in all its forms, thanks to the superior technique and energy of the dancers, as well as the abstract blend of scenery and body, has created a live image that is interpreted in many ways," the jury noted.

The 2019 International Alternative Theater Festival ended at midnight on the 17th of September with the awards ceremony in the courtyard of Kusle's House, after seven festival days and a rich program of main, competition and other supporting programs.

“With strong profiling of FIAT for 34 years, the festival has made it one of the most important cultural events in Montenegro. Its poetics, vision, spirit and energy that is created between the actors and numerous audiences, makes it one of the most prestigious festivals in the region and Southeast Europe” - the organizers, led by director Ana Vukotic, are pleased to note.

This year, thanks to the curator, Ana Vujošević, the program was current, inspiring and diverse.

Within the competition selection ten performances were performed, from avantgarde to abstract performances. The idea of ​​this festival is to introduce the current cultural and theatre trends of Europe and the world to the Montenegrin audience.


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