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FIUK AND CSAJOK - At the Rose des Vents


What if we were to go back to our primal instincts? The first part of the diptych presented by Hungarian choreographer Pàl Frenàk at the Rose des Vents starts off with this question. Fiuk (The Hidden Men) is about the place of men in a castrating society that shuts up their instinctual nature. The dancers open the door to the cage and let their savagery express itself. As an inverted mirror image of this first segment, the choreographer offers Csajok (Credo Hysterica) as his second part, a world of women that plunges us into reverie and chaos. Through his four nymphs on stage, the choreographer attempts to show us the extent to which dreams, images created by our unconscious, make up our entire being and perpetually come back to us. Pàl Frenàk belongs to that generation of choreographers who are able to achieve brilliance. His danced discourse is full of images, gestures, clashes whose every blow goes strai