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SKIN - Tricks & Tracks 2.

Török Katalin @


It’s easy to believe understanding contemporary art assumes maturity, but this presumption is only another shield to hide behind. The truth is you simply need to be open to become a part of it and shouldn’t be afraid about interpreting it differently than anyone else. Pál Frenák, dance choreographer and leader of Compagnie Pál Frenák has set target to tear down the limits of rational thinking via his shows, and after 15 years, now he returns to Trafó with Tricks & Tracks, a show he became widely known for.

The key to Trick & Tracks success in 1999 was the novelty of combining classical and modern techniques with mimics, sign language and body movements that reflect on various egress (circus, theatre, fashion shows). As a son of severely hearing and speech impaired parents, sign language was a particularly important communication form for Pál Frenák, who’s delivered his skill for understanding subtle signals of the human body into the dance style of his company. The new, modern use of space, special lighting technology and unusual stage props, exploiting full expressiveness of the human body with sometimes total motionlessness as in Japanese butoh – Pál Frenák’s shows are frequently labeled as extreme, daring and divisive.



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