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Twins talks about the deeper layers of twin life through the language of dance. Two dancers, two masked figures, sometimes as twin dummies and sometimes twin brothers, seek the states of unity, togetherness, separation, being alone and loneliness. The performance does not attempt to analyse or decipher, but rather to consider the range of symptoms and possibilities. The two dancers circulate like twin stars in the almost barren space, while in their inseparable relationship they do not survive the twins' paradox: even though being identical, the great journey after birth is asynchronous for them; they have to find the unity of their personality. The creator is not looking for final solutions. Rather, he is interested in the process itself, facing the insoluble.


Pál Frenák does not analize, but uses the language of dance to tell stories. Twins is beautiful and wild, delicate and rough – all at the same.


In this story, the reality of the present and flashbacks from the past are following each other, while reminiscing of the blessed harmony of being intertwined in the past, and the aggressive alienation in the present – moments of childhood and adult life.

Szonja Makrai

Magyar Nemzet


It provokes you to think about being whole, showing your true self, alienness, just as well as about life and the lack of it.

Akos Torok


Dancers and choreographers

Fanni Esterhazy, Milan Maurer


David Fekete


Music Editor

Attila Gergely


Rope access technology, staging

Gyorgy Zoltai


Janos Marton



Attila Hajas

Concept & Scenography


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