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New faces, new energies and creative works of performers – which all stem from varying sociocultural backgrounds – masterfully intertwine in this performance along the artists’ individual conception, much like fragments - like components of a Rubik’s cube.


While using walls as metaphors, ten artists present their views on social apathy, being different or even add their own, new perspectives. The W_all examines the current, tense world and although it does not portray it in a direct way, like a clinical picture, it reveals a truly thought-provoking and colourful universe, in which there is a constant quest for the gist of common sense.

Therefore, throughout the performance, cliché-like pictures, film-like flashes and sport references are consciously used as tools, elevating the different aspects into the territory of progressive cine-choreography. While the historical inheritance is invoked by the walls, the performance focuses on the immanent sameness in the human and spiritual processes.

The scenography referring to the wall changes and appears differently – the abstract stage scenery is capable of expressing the complexity of senses invoked by the walls, depicting realities experienced individually or collectively, which - just like Gilles Deleuze’s fragments - build into each other like crystals do: the walls open up or, on the contrary, they crash and bury us, while through the cracks on the wall, hope, like light, sheers through. 


As the tricky title suggests, most walls have gaps or breaches that sometimes open to entirely different worlds. W_all is a peak through these (figurative and literal) breaches to a world full of unusual characters: a boy swimming through the air, a man dancing in red leotard and pointe shoes, a lip-synching female trio with a deaf girl in the centre, an amputee floating in the air and slow-dancing with a woman despite having no legs.

Lena Megyeri

Springback Magazine

Press - W_all


Performers and choreographers

Zoltan Deak, Anibal dos Santos, Fanni Esterhazy, Benjamin R. Jarrett, Tamas Konya,

Emma Lorincz, Eoin MacDonncha, Milan Maurer, Timea Mazlo, Emilia Polgar



Abris Gryllus, Miklos Farkas



Attila Hajas


Janos Marton

Alpine technique

Gyorgy Zoltai, Laszlo Lengyel

Assistant to the choreographer

Milan Maurer

Choreography and concept

Pal Frenak

Co-production of M Studio Sfantu Gheorghe, Compagnie Pal Frenak and Trafo House of Contemporary Arts

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